Lock Down Online Learning 2020

There will be a new tab created on the website which will be updated regularly with the work being set for our S3-S6 Chemists.

Work will be posted every week to support our learners.

You can get in contact with the department on SMH, through twitter (https://twitter.com/ChemistryG24) and by leaving comments on the website.

Update on Shadow’s Nat 5 Bonding Revision

He has done it! Completed his last two mind maps and did some additional revision on Ion Formation!

Feeling confident for the Kahoot today at 2:30pm!

Shadow’s Covalent Molecular Summery

Did you manage to get the same information? Anything missing from your mindmap?

Shadow’s Bonding Summary Day 1

Moving on to Covalent Molecular and Covalent Network Tomorrow

National 5 Bonding Kahoot

Kahoot Game Pin for Thursday from 2:30pm – 0352530

Higher and Advanced Higher Data Book


Nat 5 and Higher Lock Down

Updates have been made to these pages, with activities and questions for you to complete on the Lock Down pages.


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Additional Questions for Mr Gray’s Inorganic Lessons

Hi all, as promised I have just added the additional questions to the chemistry e-board on the school website. It is advised that you attempt these during study periods and if you are unsure of the solutions at the end, feel free to pop into my room G25 at the back left of the lab near the window to see the more detailed solutions that I have prepared. The questions can also be found in the student workout folder on the school computers, Advanced Higher folder, Advanced Higher (Additional Questions R Gray). Good Luck and use your notes please.


National 5 Chemistry Summary notes

N5 Chemistry Summary notes 2017