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National 5 Chemistry

The department have decided that we are going to have a weekly focus.

Week Beginning 27th April – Calculations From Equations

Calculations is such an important skill, especially if you are progressing onto Higher. Have a go at these questions below, if you are struggling at all, please get in touch with your class teacher over SMH. Shadow will be sharing some of his working as the week goes on.

Your Calculation Task –>

The first week – starting Mon 20th April – will be on BONDING.

Bonding is a fundamental concept in Chemistry and it is important you have a secure knowledge of this before moving onto Higher, as we will be building on your previous knowledge.

Shadow just beginning to think about all the different types of Bonding in the National 5 course.
Where should he start???

Listed below are some suggested tasks to revise the 4 different types of bonding which have been covered in the Nat 5 course.

Link to data book –

  1. Create a mindmap/fact sheet covering the 4 types of bonding. Shadow has made a start below with the key headings. Use your notes BBC bitesize, Scholar to help you if you are struggling.
  2. Areas which you were unsure of, or had to look up in notes, create flashcards or a quiz on this area.
  3. Ionic Compounds can be written to show the charge on both the metal and non-metal ion, referred to as Ionic Formula.
  4. Rewrite the following formulas as Ionic Formula


Lithium Chloride



Aluminium Nitrate

5.Identify the charge on the metal in the following compounds




6.Complete the past paper questions on the attached power point. These are all bonding questions taken from the last few years.

7. Take part in a Kahoot Quiz this Thursday at 2:30pm. Test your knowledge of bonding against your peers. I will post the game pin on twitter and put on the website at 2:25pm.  

Kahoot Game Pin for Thursday from 2:30pm – 0352530

I will give summaries of each type of bonding and set some revision questions for you to complete and show examples of my work throughout the week to ensure by the end of this week we are all Bonding experts!