4. Advanced Higher

Inorganic Chemistry

 Learning Intentions Inorganic Lessons 1 – 4 Please find in the link below information for your first 4 lessons with Mr Gray. These should be brought to class with you so they can be annotated during your lessons. Inorganic Class Notes CfE AH Chem Additional Q’s Unit 1 Physical Chemistry Extra Questions/Answers (Equilibria/Reaction Feasibility) Reaction Feasibility

Past Papers

Past Papers CfE Specimen Paper and Marking Scheme 2016 Paper  and 2016 Marking Scheme 2017 Paper and 2017 Marking Scheme 2018 Paper and 2018 Marking Scheme Old Cfe Adv Higher Papers These papers have a lot of good questions in them, take guidance from your teacher as to which questions are suitable and relate to the CfE Adv H course. …

Physical Chemistry

physical chemistry notes

Researching Chemistry

Exam Practice Questions Past paper questions – These reseaching chemistry past paper questions test the understanding of the skills you have been learning with Mr Baker this year. Section 1 and 2 CfE AH questions Unit 3 Res Chem