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Course Outline

The CfE Higher course consists of the four units:

  • Unit 1 Chemical changes and structure (half unit)

  • Unit 2 Nature’s chemistry (full unit)

  • Unit 3 Chemistry in society (full unit)

  • Researching chemistry Unit (half unit)

Each unit is split into different parts, and assessments cover 2 or 3 parts of each unit. Assessments comprise of level C questions, multiple choice questions, and exam style questions from section 2 of papers.


At CfE Higher there is an assignment and the external exam.

The exam is worth 80% of your final grade, and your assignment is worth 20%.

There is two exam papers this year:

Paper 1 – Multiple Choice – 25 marks – 40 minutes

Paper 2 – Extended Response – 95 marks – 2 hours, 20minutes.